Jabón Facial (Face Soap)


Arroz / Barro Rojo / Rosa Moqueta / Aloe Vera

Size: 85 g

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This delicate and soft natural rice soap is rich in vitamin A and E. It has antioxidant and illuminating properties, matching the color and delaying premature aging of the skin with daily use. Ingredients: glycerin soap, rice & aroma. Handmade in El Salvador.

Barro Rojo

A great detoxifier, refreshing and a good exfoliator. For deep cleansing that controls pimples and excess oil. For mixed to oily skin types. Ingredients: glycerine soap, red clay & aroma. Handmade in El Salvador.

Anti-acne. Sulfur is a naturally potent mineral that is very effective in treating pimples, black heads and other signs of acne. For oily skin types. Ingredients: glycerin soap, sulfur & aroma. Handmade in El Salvador.

Rosa Moqueta

Benefit from this natural facial soap with anti-aging rose hip oil. It penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen. This reduces expression lines and stains. In addition, due to it’s composition of linoleics, retinol and vitamins A, C, and E improves the texture of skin. Ingredients: glycerine soap, rosehip and fragrance. Handmade in El Salvador.

Aloe Vera

This generous plant is used to treat many skin problems such as acne, burns, scars and rashes. Stimulates the production of skin cells. Ingredients: glycerin soap, aloe vera pulp & aroma. Handmade in El Salvador.