Delta 8 Mouth Spray


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Flavor : Strawberry MintSize = 2.5 mL250mg delta 8 thc

Our delta 8 mouth sprays is made with our proprietary blend of MCT and food grade ethanol with delta 8 THC. This small and discrete bottle is perfect for on the go.



About Our Full Spectrum Delta 8 Tincture Water Soluble:

Our Water-Soluble Full Spectrum Delta 8 Tincture is made with our proprietary blend of VG (vegetable glycerin) and food grade ethanol allowing it to mix well into hot and cold beverages. The VG is used to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp through a cold extraction process that takes a minimum of 6 months to complete. The plant material is then strained out of the VG and the liquid is bottled. The cannabinoids and terpenes extracted through this process & Delta 8 work together synergistically to promote blood flow, decrease inflammation, and produce a sense of euphoria. Some users describe a feeling of relaxation or decreased anxiety coupled with a sense of euphoria or having “drank a glass of wine.”

About Us:

We are not a white label. We handcraft each product with precision for you. So much, you may see labels changing from time to time with updated CBD potency. Because when you use 100% natural products and your process is 100% handmade in order to let nature do its thing, some things are bound to shift around. Thank you for trusting us with your CBD and Non-CBD Natural Product needs!


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