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Non Alcoholic Delta 8 THC MARGARITAS RECIPE made with our D8THC LEMONADE: your tastebuds will thank you!! 🥳💥🌮🍹

* Non alcoholic & VEGAN *


RECIPE (6 servings 8oz each):

3 TheraSolv Botanicals DELTA 8 THC LEMONADES 16oz ea/20mg THC ea
(Approx. 2 servings per bottle/10mg each serving.)

2 cups orange liqueur (Non Alcoholic Triple Sec)

Extra DELTA 8 THC WATER SOLUBLE TINCTURE to get the desired dosage per 8oz servings

Lime wedges and coarse salt for rimming the glasses & ICE 🧊

Mix • Shake • Enjoy 😉

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